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a sign of life

reviving the blog 2020-09-25

my first proof

the exercise that got me hooked 2020-01-14

search engines amsterdam (May 24)

neural video compression and hyperspherical prototype networks 2019-05-25

parser attacks for denial of service

exploiting parser complexity to amplify denial of service attacks 2019-05-03

fantasy league optimization

getting started with your Tour de France fantasy team 2019-04-16

SIMD byte scans

parallel instructions to accelerate serial operations 2019-03-26

pulldown_cmark 0.3 release announcement

a new design for improved correctness and performance 2019-03-14

abusing Rust's type system for sound bounds check elision

ultimate tree performance using trickery with indices, modules and closures 2019-03-13

distributive lattices

a quick look at distributive lattices and where we may find them 2019-02-11

ranking by pairwise comparison

a brief overview of ways to order things 2019-02-01


introducing sortedvec, a Rust library enabling quick lookups on vectors 2019-01-21